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2002 Annual Energy Awards Winners

Special Congratulations - Best Chapter Newsletter
AEE Chapter President's Meeting at Georgia World Energy Congress

AEE Chicago Chapter Awards

Energy Management Executive of the Year - 
Robert Wunderlich, Manager
U.S. Department of Energy, Argonne Area Office

Corporate Energy Management 
Energy Systems Group

Energy Professional Development 
Edgar P. Lucus, Executive Director

Renacer Westside Community, Inc

Energy Manager of the Year 
Ms Kelly Shelton, Director, Energy

Energy Engineer of the Year 
Ron Demski, Senior Project Manager
EME Engineers and Consultants

Energy Project of the Year  
AMS Mechanical Systems, Inc

Environment Product Recognition 
DuKane Precast, Inc

AEE Chicago Chapter Annual Energy Award Winners received one (1) Certified Profession Unit or two (2) AEE Credits.

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